This Website is published and maintained by 十博体育下载 (“皇冠”、“我们”、“我们” or “我们”). We are committed to the proper use of the information we receive from you through our Website. This Web Policy governs the information collection, use and disclosure practices of (“网站”). By visiting our Website or using the services offered through our Website, you are accepting the practices described in this Web Policy.

视图还: 巴西皇冠的隐私政策 (英语), 私人政治(Português)

视图还: 墨西哥王室私隐政策(英文), Política de Privacidad (Español)


We may collect 个人信息 from and about you. 个人信息 包括, for example: your name; your home address; your e-mail address; the company and/or website with which you are affiliated; company size; social networking information; your telephone or wireless number; demographic information; and other information that may identify you as an individual or allow online or offline contact with you as an individual.


We collect 个人信息 from you when you submit information to us on the Website. 例如, we collect 个人信息 when you contact us through the Website, when you subscribe to our newsletter or to our investor email alerts, 当您在我们的开放创新流程框架下通过网站提交想法时,或当您通过我们的职业生涯提交工作申请时.



We automatically collect certain information about you. 例如, 我们可能会收集在本网站浏览的网页, 花费在网站上的时间, 您访问网站的日期, 你的互联网浏览器类型, 您从该网站链接到我们的网站(e.g., 另一个网站或搜索引擎), 您在我们的网站以及我们的服务器记录的其他网络使用活动和数据后访问的网站. We may also collect data about your Internet Protocol address (IP Address). Such information may be used to gather demographic information, such as country of origin and Internet Service Provider. We do not link this information with your 个人信息.


当您访问我们的网站时, 我们的服务器会根据您访问过的网站和页面记录基本信息. 存储这些信息主要是为了跟踪我们的网站以及其中的各个部分和页面的有效性.


cookie是由web浏览器存储的简单文本文件,它提供了一种区分网站访问者的方法. 十博软件下载使用cookie来识别您的浏览器,当您访问网站上的页面,并用于谷歌分析跟踪. 饼干 created on your computer by using our Website do not contain 个人信息. 许多浏览器可以设置为当cookie发送给你时通知你,并提供拒绝该cookie的机会. 然而, 拒绝吃饼干可能会, 在某些情况下, 阻止你使用, 或负面影响的显示或功能, 网站或网站的区域或功能. 饼干还允许十博软件下载提供更多相关内容, 目标内容,当你通过我们的网页旅行. 使用本网站时, you will be asked to consent to our use of cookies as described in this Web Policy. 您可以通过选择每页左下方的“Cookie设置”链接,随时撤回您的同意,并调整您的设置, 或者你可以通过激活浏览器上的设置来阻止cookie,该设置允许你拒绝所有或部分cookie的设置(通常在Edit菜单中找到)。.


The 个人信息 we collect from you may be used in the following ways:


We may use your 个人信息 to better respond to your individual needs.




We may use your 个人信息 to respond to your queries regarding our Products.


We may use your 个人信息 for promotional purposes such as:

  • 发送时事通讯;
  • 向投资者发送由纳斯达克管理的电子邮件提醒;
  • Sending other types of updates or surveys regarding 十博软件下载 and our products. 

只有当您选择通过登记接收此类文件而明确表示同意时,您才能收到此类内容, 或者如果您是现有的客户. 您可以在任何时候撤回您的同意,并通过点击您收到的每个推广资料或电子邮件底部的取消订阅链接取消订阅我们的推广内容.


We may use your 个人信息 to contact you and follow-up after you’ve submitted an idea.

We do not make automated decision-making when processing your data.


We do not sell your 个人信息 to third parties. We may nonetheless share your 个人信息 with third parties for a variety of reasons.

谷歌分析标签是用来改善设计和用户体验,我们的网站提供统计数据的网站使用和页面访问. To learn more about how you can control your privacy with Google tools, see Click to opt out of Google Web Analytics altogether, see

ShareThis tags are used to provide a social sharing tool, making sharing online content simple.

eXelate tags are used to provide more relevant advertising or content to users. 要了解更多十博体育下载eXelate隐私的信息,请参见



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  • 与其他 users when you submit questions and comments, or create a profile on the Website;
  • 根据法律的要求,当我们真诚地相信披露信息是保护我们或第三方权利的必要之时, 保护自己或他人的安全, 调查欺诈, or comply with a court order or other legal process;
  • in connection with a corporate change including a merger, 收购, 重组, 整合, 清算, 或出售资产.

此外,我们可以共享集合 usage information that does not identify individual users with third parties for any reason, 包括用于营销或分析目的.


十博软件下载目前没有使用一个进程来自动响应web浏览器发送的“不跟踪”(DNT)信号, 移动设备, 或其他机制. 每一个行业标准, 第三方可能会收集信息, 包括个人资料, 十博体育下载您在使用“服务”时在不同网站或在线服务上的在线活动. 您可以选择退出在线行为广告 You also may limit certain tracking by disabling cookies in your web browser.


We take reasonable and appropriate precautions to protect 个人信息. 我们努力保护通过本网站收集的敏感个人信息的安全和完整性, due to the inherent nature of the Internet as an open global communications vehicle, 我们不能保证任何信息, during transmission through the Internet or while stored on our system or otherwise in our care, 绝对不会被别人入侵, 如黑客.

如果法律要求我们通知您任何未经授权的访问您的个人信息, we may choose to notify you electronically or in writing.



在本网站提供个人资料时, 你将被要求同意收藏, 维护, processing and transfer of such information in and to other countries and territories. You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your 个人信息 at any time.


如果您访问我们的网站或与我们互动, 我们处理您的个人信息的法律依据是,为了我们提供和发展我们的服务以及跟踪我们网站的有效性的合法利益,我们是有必要的.


If we transfer your 个人信息 to a country outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), we will provide appropriate safeguards by applying one of the following transfer solutions:

  • The receiving party of the 个人信息 is located in a country recognized by the European Commission as offering an adequate level of data protection as set out by the European Commission pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (including certification to the Privacy Shield for entities located in the US); or
  • 个人信息的接收方已同意按照欧洲委员会批准的数据控制器或数据处理器的“标准合同条款”处理该个人信息.


我们储存您的个人信息的时间,是在为您和其他人提供服务的必要期间,也是在法律要求我们这样做的期间. 这取决于处理的目的(e.g., 的工作申请, your 个人信息 will be kept for six months after our last contact; for receipt of newsletters or investor email alerts, 直到你退订), unless we no longer need the data to provide services, or until any legal requirements to keep it no longer exist. When we no longer need 个人信息, we securely delete and destroy it.


根据适用法律,您可能对我们收集的有关您的个人信息享有某些权利. These rights do not necessarily apply to all users of our services or visitors to our websites. These include the right to request access to your 个人信息, 让它被抹去, 它的处理受到限制, or that any inaccurate 个人信息 be rectified. You may also have the right to object to the processing of your 个人信息, 并在某些情况下以机器可读格式取得个人资料的副本(携带权). 任何该等要求可以书面送交


偶尔, 在我们的自由裁量权, 我们可能会包括到其他网站的链接, including websites operated by unaffiliated third parties. 这些第三方网站可能会收集您的个人信息,并有单独和独立的隐私政策. This Web Policy does not address the information practices of these websites, 因此,我们对这些链接网站的内容和活动没有任何责任或责任. 尽管如此, we seek to protect the integrity of our Website and welcome any feedback about these sites.


如果我们决定改变我们的网站政策, 我们将在本页张贴这些更改,并且这些更改将在张贴到本页后立即生效. 在某些情况下(例如, 与某些物质变化有关), we may also elect to notify you of changes or updates to our Web Policy, 或要求您同意这些更改, 通过其他方式, such as posting a notice on the front page of our Website or sending you an e-mail. 


如果你有任何问题, concerns or comments about this Web Policy or our practices with regard to your information, 或者想撤回你的同意, 您可以通过电子方式与我们十博软件下载

如果你在欧盟, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority in the EU.